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Charles Brière


Charles Brière is a member of the Association of Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists, Orthotherapists in Canada. 30 years of experience have made Charles Brière an experienced healthcare professional of international leadership. Charles is above all a posturologist evolving in France, Canada, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. He has a set of skills acquired through his many academic trainings, his professional practices, his entrepreneurial initiatives, his teaching and his humanism. The scope, depth, complementarity and diversity of the training courses followed exceed the imagination; no less than 30 specializations in its portfolio. Charles has cared for a multitude of patients who testify to his ingenuity. It facilitates the continuity of the profession by creating an academic institution to ensure succession. He is committed to sharing his skills. He did not trade his competition to help people in need. Charles Brière began collecting diplomas in 1994. This year, he graduated from the Center for Training in Massage Therapy and Natural Medication. He continued his studies and obtained, in 1996, his diploma in Physiotherapy from the Center de Médecines Alternatives des Bois-Francs inc. From the same institution, in 1999, he obtained his diploma in Orthotherapy. Also, in 1999, he obtained Certificates in “Posture and Muscular Organization of the Spine” and “Removal of Muscular and Aponeurotic Tensions” from the Masso-Kinesitherapy Training Institute (EFOM) in Paris. From 1999 to 2003, he continued his studies at the Sutherland Osteopathy Academy in Montreal where he obtained his diploma in Somatherapy. In 2012, he obtained his degree in Posturology. He will continue and continue to improve in Montreal and Lyon. In 2012, he founded the School of Posturology and Auriculotherapy of Quebec where several therapists will be trained. The courses will be taught by Doctor Michel Marignan, originally from France (Marseille). From 2015, he will participate in several Medical Days in September in Ardèche, France, where Auriculotherapy practitioners from five continents meet. From 2016 to 2019, he will obtain eight Certificates from the School of Posturology and Auriculotherapy of Quebec in "Clinical Posturology", "Clinical Auriculotherapy", "Auricular Chromotherapy" and "Clinical Homeopathy". Following this, his skills will allow him to devote himself to helping thousands of people in the clinic where he now has 28 years of experience. This experience will allow him to give several conferences in Quebec as in France. To date, he has trained dozens of health and sports professionals.

Catherine Legault


Catherine Legault was born in Canada in the great province of Quebec near Montreal. She graduated in 2004 with a bachelor's degree from the University of Montreal in Kinesiology and therefore obtained her title of Kinesiologist. In 2009, she graduated with a certificate in gerontology from the University of Montreal. She worked from January 2005 at the Montreal Heart Institute at the EPIC center, the world reference center for research and rehabilitation in cardiology where she practiced her profession as a kinesiologist for 17 years there. Teacher, speaker for the general public in the field of rehabilitation and physical activity, trainer for new graduates in the field of physical activity. She holds many specializations and certifications in the world of physical activity. It was only 3 years after her graduation that she discovered the world of rehabilitation where she met several therapists on her way who would become her mentors. She continues her studies in physiotherapy in the European approach, various continuing education in the musculoskeletal field and continuing education in osteopathy and functional nutrition. In 2011, she became a finalist for the CSST de Montréal grand prize (workplace health and safety commission) for her postural rehabilitation project in the workplace. The Montreal Heart Institute finishes among the first for its project. It will therefore finish as a finalist out of 200 projects submitted. Today, the model from his project is still used in several departments to prevent muscle and joint injuries at work. She proposed to the management of the EPIC center of the Montreal Heart Institute the creation of a physiotherapy clinic. First physiotherapy clinic in Canada in the hospital sector. She will be a therapist there for several years or she will decide to leave afterwards to create her own clinic. She meets on her way a French doctor named Doctor Michel Marignan who will teach her and train her in clinical posturology and clinical auriculotherapy. This internationally renowned doctor has trained several doctors in several countries. She will follow him to France to complete her training. Certified in posturology and clinical auriculotherapy, two European approaches. Catherine Legault is among the first advanced level precursors in Canada and Quebec trained in these approaches. The latter approved by the World Health Organization for several years and taught to doctors in France. She will be the assistant director of the school of posturology and auriculotherapy of Quebec where she organized the arrival of Doctor Michel Marignan for training in Quebec. Since then, she has continued to train in the field. Seeking where the cause(s) of people's pain comes from is more than a passion but its vocation. Eternal student in training of all kinds, she continues to perfect herself. Often, we find her still with her nose in her books. She often says that her mission is to help people find the path to healing. - Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Montreal - Certificate in gerontology from the University of Montreal - Certification in Physiotherapy from the College of Physiotherapy of Quebec in Montreal - Certification in clinical posturology from the School of Posturology and Auriculotherapy of Quebec EPAQ - Certification in clinical auriculotherapy from the School of Posturology and Auriculotherapy of Quebec EPAQ - Various certifications in cranial, visceral, musculoskeletal and joint mobility therapies - Various and multiple certifications in functional training and physical activity - Member of the association of kinesiologists, physiotherapists of Quebec - Member of the corporation of alternative medicine of Quebec

Annick Taillon


Annick Taillon has graduated from the Grands Ballets Canadiens in classical dance, while specializing in Argentine Tango. Her versatility in various disciplines, including miming, trapeze and several forms of dancing, has enabled her to develop an extensive experience of the arts and entertainment world. She has been teaching extreme flexibility for more than 20 years now. All those years of practice led her to deeply understand the functioning of the body mechanics. She also has developed the ability to address and resolve the most difficult situations that artists might face in their work. Her professional career as a performer, choreographer and physical trainer has enabled her to develop a rigorous and critical eye when the time comes to recognize the athlete’s potential, as well as the physical and artistic qualities of a body in motion. Indeed, she has worked as a performer for the following organizations: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Cirque Fantastic, Cirque Éos and Cirque Éloize. Moreover, she has acted as choreographer and Argentine Tango dancer in Montreal, Chicago and Vancouver. Furthermore, she has worked as flexibility coach for the Montréal Synchro synchronized swimming team, the best team in Canada (with Olympian athlete Sylvie Fréchette as team member), Dals (Dancing with the Stars) in Paris and several top athletes.

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